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Ground needs to be bare dirt & smoothly graded
perfect topsoil although helpful, is not necessary.

Usually in new construction most of the soil left behind is from the foundation. Our sod will grow on this soil if properly watered.

Stagger the  pieces & lay them as you would lay brick.

Cut the edges with a knife or sharp spade.


As soon as you get a large enough area sodded to set up a sprinkler go ahead and start watering. If you don’t do this the pieces will shrink and you will have gaps.

Sod should be watered at least one inch the first day and ½ inch per day for two weeks. 
(for temperatures above 70 degrees slightly more water will be required)

The soil needs to stay moist under the sod.


Mow your new lawn as soon as it needs it. Set your mower as high as it will go. You will probably need to stop watering long enough so you can walk across the yard without leaving footprints.


There is no need to fertilize before installation. Fertilizer is already present in the sod. You will need to apply a starter fertilizer 3 weeks after installation, then get on a regular program.


There will be no need to apply insecticides when you install your sod, however, especially if you have an irrigation system you will need to apply grub control every July.  Japanese Beatles lay their eggs where there is moisture, not where it is dry. The better you take care of your lawn, the more important insect control becomes.

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